Consignor FAQ

NEXT SALE DATES: April 5th & 6th, 2019 at Eastham United Methodist Church! 


How can I register to become a consignor?  You can register to become a consignor by clicking this link

How much will I earn on my items? You will earn 60% on all of your sold items. Additional percentages can be earned by working shifts. 

How do I prepare?

Collect all items in a specific area, sort by category. Then hang clothes, package lots, bag loose items, cable tie shoes together, and start entering! Print tags on cardstock and use safety pins or a tagging gun to attach. 

At drop off:

We will inspect items, please have them sorted by size and gender for clothing! 


If I consign, do I have to stay during the sale?   No, you do not need to stay.

What is the minimum or maximum number of items I can bring? Consginors  may sell up to 200 items per sale. Contact us for exceptions which will be addressed on a case by case basis. 20 items per size/gender for clothing sizes 2T and under. No limits on other items. We require a minimum of 30 items.

What can I consign? We limit our  sales to seasonal items (Spring/Summer Items for the Spring Sales and  Winter/Fall Items for the Fall Sales). We accept gently used, in season  infant, children's and maternity clothing, shoes, accessories, cloth  diapers, toys, games, books, music, movies, furniture, bedding and gear and more! 

We cannot accept:
• Out of season clothing
• Out of date clothing
• Items with stains, rips, broken snaps or zippers, missing parts, etc.
• Car Seats
• Poor condition or dirty items
• Food
• Stuffed animals
• Crib mattresses
• Recalled items (
Feel free to contact us if you have a question about a specific item. 

What happens if an item is rejected? At  drop off we quickly look over all items. If we miss a stained or ripped item, we will set it aside for you for pickup at the end of the sale. 

Can I sell clothes that are not for the current season? No, all items must be in season except bathing suits and dress up.

Where can I find safety pins and hangers? Safety pins  and clothes hangers can be purchased at dollar stores, Walmart, or other clothing stores. Hangers are often available for free at big retailers too!

Do I have to pick up my items after the sale?  No, you  can choose to donate your unsold items. Any items you do not want  donated must be picked up during the designated Consignor Pick Up Hours.  Any items not been picked up during the designated time will be  donated. 

Where do donated items go? Any item marked for donation will go to  local charities.

What if I find that an item is missing from my pick up pile?  It sometimes happens that items may become lost during the course of  the sale. We do our best, however it is not always possible to account  for every item. Items lose their tags or mates, toys not secured  properly lose pieces. If you are missing items at consignor pick up  please let us know and we will do our best to locate it.

Who is allowed to shop at the Pre-Sale? Consignors, volunteers, paid entrants, and expecting first time moms. 

Can I bring my husband/wife/relative/friend with me to the Pre-Sale?  You may earn a guest pass by consigning 100 items, bringing a donation of 10 canned/non perishables for donation, or by working a volunteer shift, or recruiting a consignor or vendor.

Do I have to be a consignor in order to volunteer? No.  You do not have to be a consignor to volunteer.

What do I get for volunteering?  You gain access to the presale and an additional 5% for each shift worked if you are a consignor (up to 70% total)

May I bring my children with me during my volunteer shift?   No, for safety reasons children are not allowed during volunteer shifts.


Sale FAQ

What exactly is a kids consignment sale? Many churches, some mom's clubs,  some non-profits and a few for-profit organizations hold community children's  consignment sales twice a year (Spring and Fall) to allow families to sell  gently used and new kids items 

How can you shop the sale early? 

  • Consignors
  • Volunteers
  • First Time Expecting Moms
  • Paid ($10 at the door)

Can you  bring your children with you to the sale? 

There is no childcare, but children are welcome if they will stay with you and can leave toys and items for sale alone. Babywearing is recommended over a stroller due to space constraints, but strollers are welcome!

Is there a  fee to get into the sale and shop? 

There is no fee during regular sale hours or discount hours! There is a $10 fee to access the presale for those who want to attend but do not qualify to get in for free.

What forms of payment are accepted? 

Cash and all major credit cards. 

 How does it work? The Children's Museum of NH  Consignment Sale has two parts. The first is the drop, second the shop.  Consignors bring their sorted, organized, hung and tagged items to the  drop. Then consigners and anyone else (the public) shops for nearly new,  gently used clothing, gear & furniture. There is a pre-sale for  consignors, volunteers and new moms, as well as public hours. Why participate? Consignors earn 60% or more of  the revenue from their sold items. All other proceeds from the event  benefits the Children's Museum of NH, which delivers playful learning  experiences to families throughout the state. 

Is everything half price during the Half Price Sale?  No, our consignors choose whether or not they want an item to be sold at  half price so some items may not be discounted. The tag will indicate  whether an item is discounted or not.

Can I hold items for the half price sale? No.  


Seasonal Sales!

Get Rid of Outgrown Items


Sell everything from clothes and baby gear to toys, books, and room decor. Feeding supplies, dress up, craft supplies, to outdoor toys. Women's, men's, and maternity, too! Let us know if you have any questions on sellable items! 

Announcing coming events


Next Sale is January 11th-13th 2019 at the Moose Lodge on Route 28 in Yarmouth! Stay tuned for spring sale dates in Orleans!

Make money!


Consignors earn 60% of their sales, and can earn an additional 5% per work shift up to a total of 70% of sales!



Check our Facebook and Instagram pages regularly for gift cards, presale passes, and other giveaways!

Vendor Opportunities


Interested in setting up a table at the sale? Send us a message! $50 per day or $85 for both days. $100 for both days plus the presale! Ad opportunities available for printing on receipts as well!


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